Mentoring and Counselling

Employers engage people to do a job having invested heavily in the recruitment process.  There is a presumption that once the person arrives that they will "hit the ground running" and be effective in the role.  Experience tells us that is not often the case.  There needs to be a period of consolidation and introduction.  There also needs to be a period of reflection.  Time is rarely taken to reflect and train.

Whilst tens of thousands of pounds may have been spent or invested in the recruitment process for the sake of a few thousand pounds more over a twelve month or two year period the employee and organisation may be more effective as a direct result of that investment and will be operating less at risk.  We recognise this from having worked for many years in the public and private sectors.  We have a team of skilled professionals who can mentor and coach people as they start new jobs.

Indeed we can also provide a continuing service beyond the initial period to aid the individual's and organisation's development.  It is an investment in success to recognise the importance of continual learning and development.  At certain key points in time it would also be necessary to offer a different form of mentoring, coaching or counselling, whether due to a work related or personal situation.  To invest the time and money early ensures a quicker return to that competitive edge for the individual and organisation. To do otherwise could head to personal and organisational failure.

We can provide these services with people who have years of experience in the area of work.  They have experience of working in their own businesses as well as in the private and public sectors at the highest levels.

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