Development of Organisations

Enterprise Prospects works closely with companies and organisations and the senior management team to accurately align the high performance development needs with the key business challenges. This is really about increasing organisational competitiveness- often demanding fundamental, transformational change at the individual, team and the organisation level.  Once we understand the key issuesfacing your business, we can then suggest the most suitable approach to adopt.

Stage one - Organisational Analysis
The process starts by gaining an in-depth understanding of your organisational drivers, values, culture and priorities. On a micro level every intervention is designed only after getting to the bottom of the specific development needs and the time constraints that prevail.  In order to gain this “360- degree” view of the organisation, we use a variety of approaches – for example,

  • One to one interviews – to understand individual strengths/potential
  • Group discussions - to explore and prioritise their objectives and goals
  • Questionnaires – to quickly gain a collective understanding of the culture
  • Job shadowing – to assess major “gaps” and key development needs

Stage two - Programme Design  

At this stage we identify the key success criteria, and together create an engaging and inspiring programme. Our preference is to design a programme in partnership with you, so that you are an integral part of the process throughout. We also view this as an ideal opportunity to work with you on re-aligning the long-term vision for the organisation.  

Stage three - Delivery  
Enterprise Prospects strives to create development and learning interventions that are different from other, off the shelf solutions. Our aim is to be highly memorable, adaptable and challenging.  We use tried and tested global best practise theories and models on which to build understanding of individuals’ experiences - apply project-based action learning sets to transfer learning - and “embed” lasting behavioural change in work. We then support you over the long-term to reinforce the change at regular intervals.

Everyone on the Enterprise Prospects team is passionate about success - and has the practical experience and know-how to work closely with you - to achieve long-term, measurable business improvement growth and expansion.

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