Development of People

Building Sustainable Growth
Enterprise Prospects works with you to determine the development needs of the individual and the wider organisational context. This is about transformational change of the individual and the organisation.  In consultation with all parties involved we suggest the most suitable programme from our portfolio tailored to meet the organisation’s individual needs.

Organisational Analysis 

On a macro level we start by gaining understanding of your organisational drivers, values, culture and priorities. On a micro level every event and intervention is designed after first getting to the bottom of the specific development needs.  For us to complete a detailed cultural immersion, we look for opportunities to ‘get under the skin’ of the organisation using a combination of:  

  • One to one interviews
  • Group discussions  

  • Questionnaires  

  • Job shadowing  

At this stage we identify our key success criteria and together create an engaging and inspiring programme that will fully meet your needs. Our preference is that the design is carried out in partnership with you so that you are part of the process throughout and feel fully consulted on all aspects of the intervention. We also see this as an ideal opportunity to further your vision, reflect your values and support your corporate citizenship.


Enterprise Prospects strives to create learning interventions that are different from every other training course - highly memorable, challenging and based on real experiences.  
There are many aspects to delivering the journey and so this stage can take on many forms. The programme will be delivered onsite unless you want to undertake it off site. We may use theories and models on which to build understanding of individuals’ experiences.

We use business projects and action learning sets to transfer learning and embed lasting behaviour change in work. The whole programme may be supported online through questionnaires and relevant materials.  
The team involved in delivering the learning journey will be passionate about achieving the behavioural and performance improvements you require. They will be highly experienced facilitators/coaches with many years of experience.  

Measurement and Evaluation 
It is really important from the outset that we are all clear on how the success of the programme will be measured, in terms of both top line goals and more detailed evaluation. One thing to consider at this stage is the current measures within the business that will allow us to evaluate the success of the programme not only at a behavioural level but also for business results.  

Enterprise Prospects development solutions can: 

  • develop the ability to motivate and galvanise other people into action through leadership  

  • increase awareness of their personal strengths and limitations  

  • develop the ability to demonstrate a proactive approach to the management of change  

  • recognise their personal responsibility and level of influence on developing and translating strategy into action
  • develop an ability to demonstrate flexibility in their choice of behaviour in different types of leadership and team situations
  • understand how to create and maintain high performing teams  

  • acquire skills in coaching, influencing and challenging to achieve improved results and better performance  

  • contribute to the resolution of current strategic business challenges

Your business will benefit from future leaders who:

  • are able to deal creatively with tight deadlines, limited resources and significant personal challenges
  • are engaged on an emotional as well as intellectual level
  • have the ability to influence and think strategically, and the capacity to manage change effectively
  • are ready to rise to the challenge when it comes  
What we provide will be unique to your organization. We can readily incorporate other elements specific to the needs of your business. We will improve your chances of fundamental long-term performance, profit and creativity.  
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